10 BIG Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games in 2017 (PS4 Switch Xbox One PC)

10 BIG Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games in 2017 (PS4 Switch Xbox One PC)

The biggest open world games of 2017 & what makes them amazing!
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Doesn’t matter what it is, leave a comment mentioning what game YOU’RE excited to play in 2017!

This Top Open World Games of 2017 list features AMAZING games like, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Crackdown 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Days Gone and more!

Battlefront 2017 has NO INFO OR FOOTAGE YET but as a Star Wars it’s something I’m personally extremely excited about, so I spent the end of the video discussing why I’m looking forward to it.

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7 BIGGEST & BEST Open World Games of 2017 & 2018 | PS4 PC Switch Xbox One

39 thoughts on “10 BIG Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games in 2017 (PS4 Switch Xbox One PC)”

  1. Ghost Recon will be amazing lmao, look at the division? They may have fucked up at the beginning but now look at the game?

  2. I'm not being funny, but you keep on advertising the same games that are coming out and you mostly do the same bloody lists. Yes we know Wildlands Is coming out, we know Days Gone Is coming out! We know Tarkov IS COMING OUT!! WE KNOW ABOUT HORIZON HERO DAWN FOR FUCK SAKE!!!! ZELDA!!!!!! Mass Effect!!!! Red Dead!!!!!!!!!! Please do a video of games that we don't know. Yes I've seen the latest video now, but jeez you keep on talking about the same games, It's getting boring!!!

  3. The games on here I'll definitely be picking up
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    State of Decay 2
    Days Gone
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    LOZ Breath of wild
    Also I NEED to buy a ps4 & you guys forgot the new spiderman game coming out. It really looks promising.

  4. escape from tarkov…all those other games look like same old shit, same game mechanics ..its not just an ubisoft thing, most game have the same shit, minimap filled with same old same old grind…
    i hope escape from tarkov will deliver one day when it is ready.

  5. Why did they stop making good games? Too many mainstream people make all games stupid shooters. Its sad really.

  6. Rooting for Horizon in here. I hope it does lives upto certain expectations(Remotely comparable to Witcher 3 howsoever).

  7. All this channel does is post the same stuff in different order and a different title. We know what games are coming out all of these have been in past videos find something else to upload

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  9. The fact that I have to invest in a console to get most of these games kind of sucks, I like games but I'll stick to a PC and I have 0 interest in owning more than that. The rest of the games will just have to be a intriguing idea to me.

  10. Crackdown used to be fun but it seems like they went saints row silly, daysgone looks dope, I've played beta of ghost recon, it's nothing special as it's like farcry where there's enemy camps everywhere and there's really no point to take them. I've been no man Skied so bad that mass effect doesn't feel believeable

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