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Why won’t my Xbox 360 save music from a burned CD-R to it’s hard drive?


I tried burning some music (well, music and goal horns) to edit into my version of NHL 09. The 360 will give me the option of ripping the CD to the hard drive, but after it rips it, shows each track with a circle with a line through it beside the title and tells me that it was unable to save the music to the hard drive. I used Verbatim CD-R’s, tried both burning it as an audio CD as well as a data CD, neither worked. What am I missing here, why won’t it save?

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  1. Mine has the same problem some times, I’ve searched around for the answer everywhere but haven’t seen a solution for it.

    Sometimes songs that wouldn’t rip at first will after you try again. Some just never do it. It’s really annoying. Before I burnt a CD with the same song on it 10 times just so I could get it on there.

    If it wont save any of the songs for you, maybe you should try a different cd-r brand.

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