Home Xbox Forum why is Xbox live down? 9/4/12?

why is Xbox live down? 9/4/12?


please dont comment saying its down for you to i just want to know why its down like hackers or just maintenance

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  1. i have heard that they are updating it because of the new skyrim dlc hearthfire that comes out 2day, not because of hackers btw

  2. The truth is that nobody knows. There was no maintenance schedule announced for today but that is not uncommon. There is no official word from Microsoft on the current “down” status and no news reports from any reliable sources. Could be a hack, could be someone spilled coffee on the mainframe. All that’s certain is that “remote viewing is disabled for security reasons” – quoted from the error message when trying to log into xbox.com. Whatever it is, I am sure we will never find out.

  3. It’s down for everyone (at least US, UK, Brazil, Germany, and Netherlands) and there has been no official word on it yet.

    The links at the xbox.com site don’t work (even those listed on microsoft.com in the forums).

    My advice is that if you haven’t done it yet, don’t download your profile now! It looks like I lost one at home because of this.

  4. Hello xbox is having trouble at the moment but should be back on soon you can find out here

    [url is not allowed]

  5. Ive been online for 20 minutes 😛 and its supposed to be that xbox are adding a new beta today so we can use internet explorer also my step bro has downloaded the new skytrim DLC but its not telling him how to find plots of land

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