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Time Crisis Razing Storm PlayStation Move Gameplay


Time Crisis Razing Storm PlayStation Move Gameplay

Razing Storm was released in arcades in 2009. For the PS3 port, Namco decided to market it as part of the Time Crisis series, and re-titled it as Time Crisis: Razing Storm. The PS3 version also includes two other lightgun games: Deadwood Pirates and the arcade version of Time Crisis 4.

As for Razing Storm, it plays more like a sequel to Crisis Zone than a TC game, with your character having a machinegun and the world’s most powerful riot shield, even beating out the one from Crisis Zone -this shield is capable of protecting you from building destroying lasers. In addition to the machinegun you can also use some other weapons, but only at a few specific points in the game.

Difficulty wise this isn’t that hard to one credit clear. You only have 3 lives, but it’s possible to get more by saving team members when you have the chance, each time you do this you get half a life point for it. I managed to get one full life back in this playthrough.

I take two hits to the stage 3 boss, both due to me trying to shoot at it for too long. It didn’t matter though since I only took those 2 hits in this playthrough.

At the end of stage 3 you have to shoot down several missiles. If you don’t manage to do this then the game will end there, but if you do do it you’ll enter stage 4. Personally I think that the stage 4 boss is easier than the stage 3 one.

Completing stage 4 has the game end on a cliffhanger. The PS3 version of Razing Storm includes a new first person shooter mode which apparently completes the story but when I played it I didn’t like it so don’t expect a playthrough of that mode from me. MahaloVideoGames did a playthrough of that if you want to see it:

This game is also possibly the most dudebro lightgun game ever made. ALPHA 1, AWESUM!!!!!!

Time Crisis Razing Storm playthrough (PS3)

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  1. Does the reload button feel comfortable when using the move? Member hating the position of it during the demo.

  2. Heres a clue even this is old…

    Try shooting breakables stuff,that way U get dogtags and have higher chance to complete the emergency mission.

  3. This game (Razing Storm) was a sequel to Crisis Zone in the arcades. It was renamed Time Crisis: Razing Storm on the PS3.

  4. We use gaming cards where I play the arcade. just pay with a bit of cash and you can play all you want. 

  5. ofcourse, in the arcade u have a gun. not a move controller. but u DONT need to place coins! and UNLIMITED tries! and much cheaper then inserting coins millions of times! i totally am getting this game!

  6. lol sorry I have to pull it:
    25:13 = Cheapshot, Hateful Vengence Counter, Counter-Counter, Escape XD
    There's a LOT going on here!

    and 29:55 = "Hello! 🙂 "

  7. Usually on the home versions, Namco included some new modes/aditional stages to play but I didn't see any of that on Time Crisis 4 and Razing Storm. What a shame… Will you play the last game on this compilation?

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