Is there a way to fix this?

We preordered a game for ps3, and it game with a code for an add-on. My brother didn’t put enter the code on the master account, and now he’s they only one with the special add-ons. Is there any way to fix this so that everyone would have it? Would Sony help if we called them?

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2 thoughts on “Is there a way to fix this?”

  1. what game was it and are you trying to use different Ps3s or the same Ps3 with multiple names?

    If using the same Ps3, from your brother’s User Name try going to the “GAME” Tab (inbetween TV/Video Services & Network) on your Ps3 and open the “Save Data Utility (Ps3)” folder, it’s above “Trophy Collection”, then look for the Game Save or all the Game Saves (some have more than one). Press Triangle and then select “Copy”, Select your User Name to transfer it. (you can also select INFORMATION to check the details of the game save, some games saves are Locked “Copying Prohibited” and it won’t work.). If he hasn’t saved a game file yet, play and save the game 1st chance you get so you can copy the “Game Save” to your name as mentioned above.

    If using different Ps3s, create your brother’s User Name & add his online account to your Ps3. Login on his name and go to the PsStore, View his Downloads & download the add-on. or copy his “Game Save” to a flash drive from his Ps3 & save it to your Ps3 (in the “Saved Data Utility (Ps3)” folder).

    *Keep in mind- Some games saves are Locked “Copying Prohibited” and it won’t work.*

  2. Any bonus DLC you get from pre-ordering a game can NOT be shared with other accounts, it is strictly for one account.

    Even if you would have put the DLC on the Master Account, the other accounts would not have access to the content, only the Master Account. The email you received with the code should tell you this, or it should say it on your receipt, or however you received the code.

    Sony will not help you with this, as it has nothing to do with them, it is between the developer and the retail outlet. The only thing Sony would be able to help you with is if the code did not process (which they can see if it did or not, so you can’t get the DLC twice to put on another account).

    If you want to play with the pre-order bonus DLC, you will have to play with the account that the code was entered in to.

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