Home Xbox Forum Is Modern Warfare 2(xbox 360) worth the money?

Is Modern Warfare 2(xbox 360) worth the money?


I also saw a deal that when you trade in two select games then you get 40 dollars off MW2. those two that i want to trade are Cod4 and left 4 dead. is that worth it. trade those two and then pay an extra 20 dollars for MW2. Thanks

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  1. If you like online multiplayer then you need to get MW2. If you are only are doing it for the Single player game, its fun but short (from what they say). probably worth more of a Rental if you are only getting it for Single player.

    For Multiplayer you well be playing all year long until the next call of duty game.

  2. You don’t need COD4 now that MW2 is out. Plus, Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out soon anyway, so do it. It’s worth every penny. The single player is short (only if you play on the easier difficulties), I got my monies worth by playing on Veteran and ended it in just under 12 hours. Plus they made up for it by adding the Spec Ops mode which is hot as hell! The multi-player has been taken to another level. It’s a great game. Anyone who thinks differently is nuts or just sucks them.

  3. First off Captain Falcon was as retarded a character as you can get so to go around answering questions with cheesy falcon lines makes you a complete waterhead. Secondly (and sorry but that idiot annoys me) I’d hold out for L4D2 as COD always fades out pretty fast

  4. Fan boys of MW2 have been personally falcon punched. SO no.Get Hello Kiddie’s Island Adventure. Its much more manly.

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