How To Fix The Red Ring Of Death

Let’s face it, the red ring of death really really sucks! It stops you from playing your favorite games and essentially turns your console into an expensive paperweight that is no use to anybody. So, how can the red lights problem be fixed? I am going to show you and compare the only two viable ways that you can use to fix your Xbox 360 and get yourself gaming again without spending large amounts of money.

The first method you could employ to fix the red ring of death on your, broken Xbox 360 is to ship it back to Microsoft. Depending on the exact circumstances of your consoles’ malfunction and where you live, Microsoft will either repair the fault for free or for a small fee. There are however some reports of people being charged up to $140 to have their console repaired. When you contact Microsoft you will be asked questions about your console, make sure you answer absolutely everything you are asked as accurately as possible. You will then be sent a box in which you need to place ONLY the Xbox 360 console itself. Remove all discs from the drive, unplug all leads, cables and controllers and even remove the hard drive itself. This is because you will get a different console back than the one you sent away, therefore anything included in the shipping box will not be returned to you. Although fixing the problem this way requires the least amount of technical skill, it can be the most expensive way to repair your broken Xbox 360, not to mention the most time consuming. Expect to wait at least 6 weeks for your new console, some people have waited more than twice that and still didn’t get their consoles back!

The only other viable option for fixing a broken Xbox 360 is to repair it yourself. Some of you may think that this is impossible, after all, the Xbox 360 is a highly complex device. Even so, I can assure you that with the right knowledge of the problem and the correct repair instructions, you will be able to fix the red ring of death quite easily. To beat the problem all you need to do is stop what happens to be causing it – excessive heat. Repairing an Xbox 360 essentially boils down to finding the specific cause of the overheating problem and removing it. Because the exact causes and repair methods vary, it is important to use a “repair guide” that will provide photos and videos to help you determine what repair method you should use. The best repair guides usually offer a free service where you can send in pictures of your console and a technician will analyze them and tell you exactly how to fix it. Most importantly, make sure whatever repair guide you are interested in offers high quality video as grainy, poor quality video will simply be infuriating and annoying.

Today I’ve shown you the only two viable methods to fix the red ring of death on the Xbox 360. Sending your console to Microsoft for repair is easier, however, it is far more time consuming, leaves you with a huge amount of gaming “downtime” and can cost a fair bit of money under certain circumstances. Repairing your broken console yourself is the other option, and in all honestly is the choice I would make every single time. With a good quality repair guide and basic tools that you should have around the home, repairing the 3 red lights error yourself is easily the best option.

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