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Xbox live? HELP PLEASE?


So I signed my son up for xbox live free. They asked for an email and not wanting to spam my email i made one up on the spot. Then I put in my credit card information. If someone had that email, could they gain access to my information? Also, will xbox charge me?

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  1. It’s a really bad idea to use a made up email. If anything happens to the account where he has to sign into it with the email to fix it, he won’t be able to. Use a real one or you will definitely regret it later. If someone has that email, they would need to know the password you used or reset it to gain access to the account. The only way you would be charged is if you signed it up for a paid subscription or a trial of Gold. With the trial, it would renew at the regular price once the trial is up. You can cancel it before then so it doesn’t, but you need to sign into the account with the email address you used to make it.

  2. they don’t spam you, they ask for an email so they can send you notices if/when you buy MS points or XBL (good way to get alerted if your profile gets hacked) it’s also how Xbox/microsoft customer support contacts you and knows it’s your account if you ever have to contact them.

    so yeah giving a made up one was a bad idea

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