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Alright so i just got my xbox360. i dont have a big enough cord to reach my xbox to my computer so do you have any suggestions for a cord. also it says that it comes with a free 1 month subscription but i cant find it. does it activate when you first activate your profile to xbox live or what. thanks
thanks everyone

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  1. I would suggest a CAT5 cord. I also got a cheapy one at Wal-Mart for around $5.

    And yes, your free month is activated when you activate your profile.

  2. ok so u can get 50 ft cord for 20 bucks a t best buy


    when u choose which membership for what kind of live u want, choose silver! then u get a free month gold.

    its when u first make ur xboxlive profile

  3. if you are in the USA, i bought a 100ft ethernet cord for either $20 or $25 at Fry’s electronics. just find a department store that sells nothing but PC parts and stuff

  4. Just go to a 2 dollar shop or dicksmith and they have cords ranging from 2-5-10-15-20 metres

    and yes once u create ur gamer tag click yes i dont want a gold membership.,then itll say after that u have 1 free month

    hope this helped

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