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Xbox 720 Releasing? Then Get Ready For the Next Xbox!


Who isn’t aware of such a big name as Microsoft? There’s unlikely anyone. Being a giant computer and digital hardware/software manufacturer, even children these days are aware of the big name in the industry. As a result, the computing or digital products the manufacturer develops often sell pretty well. Despite the manufacturer’s numerous products, there is one name that stands out and it is the Xbox.

Xbox is the name of the gaming console developed by Microsoft. Originally, this was Microsoft’s approach to the gaming industry, apart from PC games. Over time, this gaming console by Microsoft has been evolving and the latest series of the console is the Xbox 360. Featuring powerful graphics processor and online capability among other stuffs, the Xbox 360 has become one of those gaming consoles out there that stand throughout time.

However, it has been quite a while since Microsoft launches the Xbox 360. And, as most of us know, gaming industry is a fast moving industry with billions of dollars involved. All over the world, gaming industry tends to evolve and this can be seen from hardware/software manufacturers introducing new technologies intended for gaming all the time. Each of them tries to offer higher gaming pleasure so that customers will prefer its products. Sony is one example. Rumor has it the company is planning to release a PlayStation 4. So, is Microsoft about to do the same?

Well, news is there is a chance Microsoft is about to release Xbox 720 – at least we can see that it is what likely to be the name Microsoft’s next generation gaming console will come up with. Unfortunately, though, there is yet to be a certain date Microsoft is going to launch the Xbox 720. Yet, if we recall, Xbox 360 was launched 4 years after the launch of the original Xbox. And, by now, Xbox 360 has been with us for about 4 years as well. So, there is indeed a chance!

However, of course, launching the next generation console forces Microsoft to offer what gamers can call cutting-edge technologies. This is probably one big reason why we have not been able to see Xbox 720 at our nearest local dealers. Yet, there are other reasons to take into consideration. The financial economic conditions as of now are not quite likely to enable people to buy a luxurious next generation gaming console. This is a different story compared to buying a house or a car which can be considered pretty important. A gaming console may not be that important after all unless there is some spare money around.

As a matter of fact, according to Nicholas Lovell – who founded Gamesbrief, a game consulting service provider, Microsoft as well as Sony is experiencing great pressure. While Sony is attempting to be a company that puts intellectual property above all, Microsoft is facing pressure trying to figure out how people can use Windows along with Office applications as web-based applications to compete in cloud computing technology which is a matter of the future. Unfortunate enough for Microsoft, Apple and Google have already gone one step ahead.

However, to console Microsoft’s fans who might be anticipating for the Xbox 720, Microsoft is developing a new type of controllers for Xbox 360 instead. Microsoft calls it Project Natal. This is a new piece of technology – well, according to Microsoft, at least – that is packed into a box to plug into an available Xbox 360. Microsoft claims that this box is able to recognize the gamers’ face, voice and motion. At this point of time, some of us may recall that Nintendo has developed similar technology for its Wii some time earlier. Just so you know, Nintendo is successful enough with its Wii.

Considering that Microsoft is offering Project Natal instead of an Xbox 720, some of us may wonder if Microsoft is about to release the Xbox 720 at all. According to the production team for Xbox, the team is currently taking into consideration what CPUs they may probably avail from the market between 2011 and 2012. This may mean that Xbox 720 will finally come out around 6 years – instead of 4 years – after Xbox 360 made its debut around 4 years earlier.

However, though, Robbie Bach – who heads Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division – mentions that they are always getting their hands dirty on new technologies. However, he has yet to mention the exact date when Microsoft is going to introduce their next generation Xbox to the public.

But Microsoft’s fans may feel a bit happier in fact. Sources mention that Intel is making a great offer to Microsoft considering the next generation Xbox console. Intel’s offer is codenamed Larrabee and it ranges from chips to chassis. There are also claims which mention that the original Larrabee will do fine as a starter and that – provided it is applied onto the right gaming console – Larrabee 2 will do amazingly. With that being said, AMD and nVidia – which Microsoft trusts for today’s Xbox 360 consoles – could be forced to walk away upset.

There is also another great – or supposed to be great perhaps – news for Microsoft’s fans regarding Xbox 720. It is said that the next generation Xbox will have fully high definition stereoscopic 3D images which are not much different from those of 3D movies. Also, there will be built-in Natal technology. Unfortunately, this may also mean that Microsoft’s fans will have to wait for a particular 3D TV to show up before they will be able to play the games developed for the Xbox 720.

Yet, there is news that may sound rather unfortunate as well. In the first quarter of 2010, Xbox product management senior director, David Hufford, indicated that Xbox 360 was designed to have a long life and that they were going to support it by providing hardware and software upgrades alike. In fact, this was one reason they developed Project Natal for Xbox 360.

So, when is Xbox 720 actually releasing, if at all? Well, unless Microsoft finally announces it, we’ll never know for sure, it seems.

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