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xbox 360 towel trick?


k, ive done it once when i had the RROD-

it wrks for a day.

I do the towel trick AgaiN!-

works for a week and a half

It just got the RROD again and i just did the towel trick (as always: 25-30min overheat, 15-20min cooldown)

i havent plugged it back in just yet but,.Is there a better solution besides sending it into the Microsoft police?.cus they take way too long to send me a new one (took 3 months last time i got the RROD)

So if u have any advice, pleas tell!

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  1. Don’t bother with all these tricks, send it in. Maybe, last time was just a bad experience, because when I took mine in, it only took exactly 14 days.

  2. Sounds like you solved the problem yourself! I mean, you only have a critical system error every day or two! Good Job! Now i will be serious:


  3. dude your doing serious damage to ur 360. i used to do that and overtime it permanently stopped working. just simply send it back, or do external mods, I.E making a cooling fan and placing them outside of the 360 so it doesn’t tarnish the warranty.

  4. If you don’t want to send it in, and you don’t want to do the towel trick, the only left is to get a new 360 that has the Jasper chip.

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