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XBOX 360 Profile Help?


Hey I’m 14 now but when i got xbox live i was like 12 or something and stupid enough to put my real age so family settings applied. Now its just all screwed up. My live wont let me download demos or anything thats M rating even though the family settings allow all games to be played and downloaded. I made a new live account but realized that my 20 something games that i played are all on my other account. I have no saved campaigns. No maps. No cheats, codes or anything!! is there any way to move all of my memory from one profile to another? I know that the family setting has an off button but that doesnt seem to work and its all screwed up. is there any way that i can just delete the family settings completey or like i sed before, move all memory from one profile to the new one i made? Thanks for the help.

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