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Xbox 360 Hard Drive Usage?


In the next couple days I plan on purchasing an Xbox 360. one of the newer ones. I’m not a huge gamer but I love playing certain games. I was thinking of buying the 4GB console so I don’t have to pay a whole lot. What I am wondering is, would this be good for just saving game data? I probably wouldn’t download any videos or demos on it. if any, maybe like one demo. So should I get the 4GB console or the 250GB?

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  1. If you’re not planning on downloading a ton of content, 4 GB is plenty. Most demos are 1 GB or less so you’d be able to save a couple, and still have lots of room for saved games and gamertags as those are all pretty small.

    You can always get a 16 GB flash drive and plug that in for some extra storage space if you need it without needing to get a hard drive.

  2. The point of the 4GB is to be used with Kinect. My suggestion is get the 250GB. Sure there is very few people who would ever use all of it, but it is a good investment. I have the Pro (now discontinued) and don’t plan on getting another xbox. I am waiting of the PS4 to come out with the promises of 3D gaming.

    Good Luck with your decision!

  3. 4gb is probably good enough for conservative gaming. The major advantage that the 250gb has is that it has the space so you can install all of your games to it. I have a 120gb hard drive on mine and it is almost full, just with game installs. The advantage to doing this is that once you install it, the game disc is only needed for initial verification. Once the console recognizes the disc, it spins down the disc drive, and reads all of the information from the hard drive. This makes the system quieter and cooler, however, it is not necessary.

    In short, if it’s just for casual use and you don’t plan on a lot of movies/demos/etc, a 4gb should be able to handle the saves for a few games. if you plan on getting into more games, then more space is never a bad thing.

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