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Xbox 360 – Console Banned – Gamertag Banned – Hard Drive?


I just got my Xbox 360 console and gamertag banned permanently. I know im going to need both a new Xbox live account and Xbox 360. My question is can i use my hard drive from by banned console and erase all data and put it in a new Xbox without being banned. i really don’t want to buy a new 250gb console when i can buy a 4gb console and keep my old 250gb hard drive.

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  1. as far as i understand it, you can use the hard drive, BUT anything on it from your old profile will NOT work ( because xbox deems you have violated the terms of use, and therefor forfeit any use of and DLC, or arcade you have on the drive ), all you will need to do is place it into the new console and format the drive ( erasing all data & cleaning up all the space for your new profile )

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