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XBOX 360 and wii Questions?


So i wanna kno da difference in xbox 360 arcae and Xbox 360. Which is better. I am about to trade a wii for a xbox 360, am I making the right decision or should I just take the money im selling tit for 450 cuz it includes alot if extra stuff etc. What should i do? Need help

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  1. The MAIN difference between the two is the Pro comes with a 60 gig harddrive, where as the arcade comes with flash. If you just play single player games and don’t plan to download ANY extra content and such the arcade has enough space for save game files. The harddrive is required to play original xbox games as well.

    Is it a good idea to sell the wii and get a 360? It’s really your preference. The 360 has better graphics and more mature games. I love my Wii and my 360. If you think it’ll be more worth while to get it, by all means get it,

  2. I think you need to take that money and invest it in some typing lessons. Reading your question made my brain hurt.

    Get the 360 with the hard drive. The Arcade doesn’t have the storage space for saved games and downloads.

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