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Xbox 360 and the internet?


Is there any cheap adapter that will work with the xbox so that you get internet connection for the 360 to play xbox live.

It will need to be wireless or have an access point nearby. I have no near telephone sockets however so it really needs to be wireless but that works with the xbox.

I only really want to spend between £20- £30 the official adapter is a rip-off at £60.

I also see that it says on the xbox that there are other compatible adapters that work but it doesnt state which ones


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  1. you need to get a router and buy the wireless adapter there about £30 everywhere but if you dont have a phone sockets then u need to get a really long wire 🙂

  2. get a wireless router, and go wireless or you could get a ethernet cable and connect it up to your router

  3. In addition to what the first answer said, here’s a website that tells which adapters are compatible with Xbox Live.

  4. u could always buy a long wired connection, its longer , easier, faster, cheaper, and doesnt lag as much as the wireless(i have both).

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