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Will Games downloaded from the Internet or pirated copies from the Grey market work on an original Xbox 360?


Sorry, I am not saying that what we are doing is right, just that we really don’t have any other option. Things are really different for an average guy in India and the “Third World”.

I just want to know if I can play games downloaded from the net on an original XBOX 360 without spoiling my warranty or getting kicked off XBOX Live. Is there a way out?

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  1. People like your friend help bring down the games market and are responsibile for killing investment in new games.

    Pirated games are protected from people like him by way of digital signaturing on the original games DVD which cannot be copied by normal means. Downloaded games he illegally copies and cuts onto DVD or illegal pirated copies will not work on a standard Xbox 360.

    Pirated games need a mod chip to be purchased which will (among other things) disable the requirement of a digital signature. However, Xbox Live will look out for these modified Xboxes and will ban them permanently from online play – but seeing as he cannot afford to buy games, he is unlikely to have the money for broadband anyway.

  2. i also have a modiffied xbox 360. i live in UAE , i can understand what u say but my xbox 360 showed 3 red lights and i repaired it for almost 90$. but just after 15 days i got the 3 red lights again and now it is lying in my house and i cant afford to repair again.

  3. These games aren’t cheap in the U.S. either. That doesn’t make it any less illegal or any more RIGHT for people to pirate them, including people here in the U.S. Yes he would need to get a modded Xbox, which is ALSO illegal, and yes Microsoft DOES look for them. For starters it would get him banned from Xbox live if he is caught. Second should he have ANY “hardware failure” aka Red Ring of Death then he is SCREWED because Microsoft WON’T repair it. Modding the Xbox voids ALL warranties. So he should ask himself if he really wants to pay for the repairs as well as giving up Xbox live just so he can rip-off everyone and have cheaper games.

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