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Why won’t my xbox 360 connect to my network?


Ok well, i bought a wireless adapter for my xbox and it worked for like 3 or 4 months then i bought some stuff for Battlefield Bad Company 2 from xbox live and then after i downloaded it i played it for a lil bit then turned off my xbox but the next morning when i tried to play it it wouldn’t connect,i can scan for networks and see the signal but it just won’t connect to the nect work like the dlink thing but where i use my neighbors internet i can’t connect useing a wire

if anyone can help me it would really help

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  1. Try restarting your dlink router, I’m not sure what would have happened during that period of time but there has to be a logical explanation.

    To reset the router there should be a little button on the button where you can put a pencil in to reset it.

    You also may need to open some ports to allow your Xbox to use live fully.

    To open ports just use this page and find your router and follow the steps. [url is not allowed]


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