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Why Is the Xbox One daily online such a big deal?


It really doesn’t make sense why people are blowing this out of proportion. Everybody is just freaking out because Xbox is making you sign in online once a day if you want to play. There isn’t a penalty for not signing in other than not being able to play until you do so. Why is this such a problem? being an Xbox 360 owner there will have to be some major advantages to switch to PS4 before I do so. I don’t think the used games, sharing games, and having to sign in every day situation is that big of a deal. People with PS3s are just looking for something to complain about to make Xbox look worse than it already is. How about the fact that the ps4 will have shitty servers compared to Xbox. How about there UI for the system. I have yet to see anything from PS4 that compares to the Xbox’s windows 8. I have yet to see anything from PS4 that compares to Xbox’s seamless switching between TV and games. I have yet to see PS4 allowing you to play 2 games at once. Sony’s version of kinect is no where near as powerful as Xbox’s. PS4 has no way to scroll between things by voice. They are both pretty equaly in graphics, but yet Xbox is much better rounded in internet and TV exploring. Why are none of these things ever brought up about the PS4? I just don’t understand why everybody is freaking out at the Xbox, when honestly, the PS4 has way worse petty problems. I would much rather buy a console from a company that is clearly more powerful and successful. Would you rather buy something from Microsoft, or would you rather buy something from Sony? You can call me a fan boy, but i’m just looking at what I see and I see a whole bunch of people looking for a problem in Xbox when it’s not really that big of a problem. People are just jumping on the bandwagon and barely anyone has a original opinion. All of the Xbox bashing seems to be alike, which makes me think people are just getting this stance from places like reddit.

My Xbox is connected 24/7 to the internet anyways. I don’t plan on going anywhere where I don’t have the ability to sign in for 2 seconds and then disconnect. You don’t need a strong or consistent connection, just one that is good enough to sign in for a minimal amount of time. Why are people buying 400-500$ gaming systems if they don’t already have internet. You shouldn’t even be looking at these gaming systems if you cant afford one of the most basic commodities, internet.

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  1. I agree with you I guess people don’t have internet and that’s why they are complaining and they also probably play only single player only games.

  2. Your comment “If not, oh well, you wont be able to play for another day or two.” is ridiculous. I don’t play games too often anymore because of college and work, but if I’m paying $500 for a system then god damn it better work whenever I want to play it.

  3. That is its such a big deal for many of us, because we are not kids that spend all day in our rooms. Im in college and in the 3 places that I stay the most, I only have internet in one. I mostly rely on the internet of the faculty and spent most of my time in my gf’s apartment. And Im not counting my family’s vacation house, when there isnt even roads, less internet.

    Also, I primarily use a moms and pops rentals place. Its a great place, with twice as much games than blockbuster, with tons of collectibles on the walls, tournaments all day long and great personal friendship with the owners. Thats how I play about 4 or 3 games a month. With xbox, I wont be able to do that, because you cannot rent games. I play literally more than 30 games a year by renting, which I wouldnt be able to buy with xbox’s policies.

    Theres also the region lock. Im not living in the US but I buy a lot of stuff there when I go every couple of weekends. A lot of people like buying stuff overseas. Didnt you know that australia and germany dont allow the same games as in the rest of the world? And so do some limited editions differ from country to country. As of now, Ive had only a little trouble with xbox, since I cant buy MS points anywhere, as I can with PSN, and its a shame since I buy a lot more games in arcade than in psn. Though I did buy several 360 games outside of the US and it played on my US console. That would affect me too.

    Shall we remind you that not all countries have the same tv features? I hate netflix because its locked to your country. I cannot watch south park in english, and series and movies that havent been dubbed, arent available. Even when English is my primary language!! The xbox tv feature is only useful for people living in US.

    Regarding games, I dont really care. I was there in the 64 vs PS generation. I can tell, that this generation was the one with least difference between consoles. I like Halo and Gears far more than Killzone (I own them all) but I really dont care about exclusives since the best games are third party (Rockstar games like LA Noir, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, Bethesda games like Elder Scroll games and Fallout, Battlefield, etc). Honestly, I wouldnt miss exclusives. Im used to wanting exclusives and looking them in retrospective thinking how much they have aged.

    The only thing that I regret is not being a PC gamer.

  4. I agree completely, and no you don’t have to pay a fee for playing sharing will work as well as used games. There is just not a ton of clarity witch got people angry. Who knows the if the PS4 will crap out all the time like the PS3 and PS2 the xbox has better software than the PS4.

  5. Well pretty soon the Xbox 360 servers are going to go down, to make way for the Xbox 1. Now you will still be able to play your games locally. But now the always online Xbox 1 will it be able to play your games when the next gen comes out, and they close it’s servers? Also those who live in rural area’s with limited or no Internet access are introuble. Also Microsft has said very little about it’s games, instead focasing on it’s ability to do everything a cable box and smart phone can do. Everything except play Xbox 360 games. I owned a Xbox 360(before it’s recent death of red ring) and I am disappointed by these choices. I’m not the only one dissapointed. Wii U sales doubled after Xbox 1 was announced. It’s all part of a video game cycle. Atari died and their spirit posses Sega, Sega died and they posses Microsoft, Microsoft dies and posses Steam.

  6. It is a big deal when your Internet goes out one day, or you pay a little late for a bill and then get smacked with a big additional payment fee. It is a big deal for when one unlucky night, you have a power outage and BAM! your friend has to pay again in order to lend you games. It is a big deal as people work, family commitments and don’t have the time to connect. It is a big deal if you get hacked, and have to wait days in order to sign in, finally getting your account back just to get told the payment you made for game sharing was cancelled but you still got charged and you will have to pay again. It is a big deal when one day, your local tore runs out of membership cards for those who don’t use credit card (unlikely due to the failure of Xbox most likely people won’t be buying it) you won’t have the time to purchase in order to keep playing online.

    £500 for limitations? No thanks.

    An additional £200 for a camera that is mandatory for the Xbox to turn on? No thanks.

    Having to pay additional payments in order to games hard, but if you don’t sign in one day you lose them and have to pay again? No thanks.

    I’ll stick to ps4.

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