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Why do i get an error on xbox live while trying to recover my gamertag?


the error is “xbox live signup is currently unavailable, please try again later.” this happens when i try to recover my gamertag, and always when i get to the step where i have to accept the terms of use and privacy statement. The terms of use never loads, and after waiting for about 5 minutes i get the previously mentioned error message. I’ve already gone through all the troubleshooting steps with xbox support (testing the connection, etc.) and everything checks out with my connection. Also, i took the console to a friends house with a working xbox live, and it did the exact same thing it had before. Has anyone had this problem before? also how reliable is xbox support? They say the issue has been escalated and that now i have to wait for them to get back to me, but it seems like they aren’t doing much? Thanks for any help offered.

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  1. The solution that has worked for most people is to try and recover it in the dead of the night 3am EST that is about the time Xbox live has the least traffic. Sometimes it can take well over an hour to recover. It all depends on how much stuff is attached to that profile.

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