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Which should I choose?


I can get a used silver PS2 today, or try and save for 10 weeks and get a new 4GB Xbox 360 and be bored the whole time but mabe it might be worth it?
Or I think for 3 more weeks in addition to the 10 I might be able to get a PS3.

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  1. as some one who has a ps3 and a xbox and a ps2, i would say save up your money and buy a ps3.

    Now don’t get the idea im a ps3 fan-boy i like the xbox just fine. But if you want free online play go for ps3. if you want a BIG game library and a BIG online committee then go for xbox.

  2. Just save up for a Xbox 360. PS2 is getting old now and there are barely any good new games that come out. Compare that to the Xbox which is still on the rise. There will be more games that you will probably enjoy with better graphics. Save up for 10 weeks just find something else to do for now.

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