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what is wrong with my ps3?!?


last night it was freezing up ( i just got off of psHome then went on the browser to get a pic off of facebook and saved it as a file). and i couldn’t turn it off the right way so i used the switch. Now when i turn it on it makes beeping noise. the lights green, the screen wont show up, then it beeps again. now its red AND its flashing. How can i fix it?! its my dads and he’s gona kill me if i cant fix it in time.

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  1. you probably corrupted the hdd by a hard shutdown

    you should have reset it instead by holding the front power button for 5 seconds ( doesn’t anyone read the manual or know a hard shutdown of any computer system is bad? )

    unfortunately your dad is going to find out , you can try the file system restore to fix it but it’s not guaranteed to work and you might have to restore the ps3 system which will format it and delete everything.

    google ps3 recovery menu – use this menu to restore the file system or ps3 if you can access it.

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