Home Xbox Forum what is a best music game for Xbox 360?

what is a best music game for Xbox 360?


Rock Band and Guitar Hero and the other ones too?

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  1. Rock Band has always seemed like a cheap imitation to me, even though they came out with the complete band instruments first. That being said, Guitar Hero feels more original which is far more important in a game.

    However, RB sometimes has better songs than GH, but it depends what you are into. You can compare games.

    GH has more games than RB does, so chances are you will end up liking a GH game more than RB.

  2. I have played almost every single music game on the 360 and the original ps2 ones as well (until all the wanna be guitar heroes came out like band hero.) and my absolute favorite was GH2 by far. but RB2 has all of the DLC songs you can get for an extra dollar or two. The explorer controller is the best controller tho.

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