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two questions for psp and ps3?


I inserted my mem.stick from my s.ericsson cel to my psp (3.71 m33) but wont play music and video stored in it.(but the pictures run)how to down load free movies from the internet to my psp? and,lastly, can i play ps3 games without going online?thanks

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  1. don’t know much about your first question but putting movies on your psp you could use programs such as limewire and get a movie from there then drag it to your psp’s video folder using a usb. ps3 games certainly can play games without going online, but some games are just made for online play,not all.

  2. what do u mean online? if your talking about the play station network just sigh out, and u can play games i think u can stream movies form your ps3 to your psp, i have a lot of movies and avi videos on my pc and ps3 plays them all from the media severs.

  3. well first of all you have Internet access on your psp so you can go online and download whatever you want. Next you can play games on the PS3 without going online

  4. There is a program called pspvideo9 that you can use for video to watch on your PSP. Pretty good program. Yes you can play games on the PS3 without going online.

  5. you probably do not have it in the right folder. once it comes up on the computer put the movie in mproot/mn. then put the music in the music folder

    yes you can play ps3 games withought having to go online

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