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third-person shooters x box 360?


what is a good third person shooter 4 the x box 360

rather than gears of war

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  1. Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Unreal Championship 2, Lost Planet and Mass Effect, Rainbow Six Vegas Has Third Person Aspects.

  2. Depends what you’re into, if you like survival horror then there is nothing better than Resident evil 5 or Dead space, if you’re a sci-fi person then I’ll advise fracture. It really does depend on what you’re into, others are Tomb-Raider, Dark Sector, Crackdown, Stranglehold and Splinter Cell.

  3. besides gears of war if you want a good third person you need ps3 and get socom confrontation or metal gear solid 4

  4. Well, there aren’t many, but here are some good ones: Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Army of Two, and Fable II (Not really a shooter but you can shoot guns.)

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