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Should I sell my Xbox 360 S?


I have both an Xbox 360 S and a PS3 Super Slim and I really only play my PS3. I can get more titles for PS3 and have free online play. The only game I have that I play on the Xbox is Skyrim and I can get that for PS3. I have more reasons to sell it than to keep it but I just figured I would ask for some opinions. I don’t like Halo that much either so. Should I keep my Xbox or sell it?

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  1. If you don’t use it, selling it is definitely an option. The S model is the newest, so I’m sure you can get some decent money.

    Craigslist is the easiest place to sell. Look at their ads to see what Xboxes like yours are selling for, make an ad, and you’ll get some hits.

    It’s important that you sell it sooner than later though. With the new generation consoles on their way, the prices of the Xbox are going down.

    The Xbox exclusive games aren’t great, so there’s really no reason to keep it. The only reason I’d tell you to keep it is if you have Xbox Live, because that’s expensive so it’s good to keep it and use it until your membership runs out.

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