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Should I change to PS3?


I have the Xbox 360 in my possession, play it everyday and their is one thing I * hate about it.

The bi.t.c.h.i.n.g begins after I beat someone in a fight. I do play fighting games such as Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 and all I get is bitching after I beat a little retarded kid. I have seen PS3 gameplay throught youtube and the more mature teenagers/adults play PS3 which is a bonus.

Also Xbox causes my parents to spend £5-£10 a month so having free online games would be awesome.

What do u guys think?

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  1. If you are an online gamer that much that it was a stupid descision (don’t get me wrong plz)

    You should ve thought about everything before getting it

    the PS3 is better than the xbox 360 in many things so if you can afford it then go on and get it now

    playin online in ps3 for free and I ve been playin naruto generations a lot there are only few stupid people that * after beatin them

  2. You get whiny kids on any online console. If your planning to get the Xbox one or the PS4, then I’d just carry on playing on the Xbox 360, but if not then It’s up to you if you want to switch consoles.

    I have both PS3 and Xbox 360 and honestly like them both. The free online play is of course a bonus and saves money if you play online alot.

  3. Get a PS3 if you want one and have the money. If you buy PS Plus for $50 a year (you don’t need too) you will get like 5 new games a month for free, automatically updates for you, and gives your bunch of free things and discounts. It has a blueray player so you can watch what ever you want on it without having to use just DVD’s. You also don’t have to buy batteries for the controller, full charge lasts a good 10 hrs or more.

  4. Stay with the Xbox its such a good decision because you will be getting free games each month and the people on ps3 will probably be the same as xbox

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