Should I buy a PS3 or PS4?

I had a PS3, and sold it about a year ago, I miss playing games. The PS3 is a good system, free online play and tons of great games.

The 4 Is new and will be around for years to come. Ps now sucks. Online play costs money. Amazing graphics and great looking games coming out. Is 500 gb even enough?

I’m thinking I should get a PS3 and wait till the 1 TB ps4 comes out, I’ve also heard the PS4 fan is really loud? Any problems on your front with that? Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Should I buy a PS3 or PS4?”

  1. My advice would be to get the PS3 and wait for the 1TB PS4. Games need anywhere between a couple hundred MB to 50GB so eventually you may need that larger storage. The fan is definitely loud too. Imagine the volume of the disc reader on a PS3 with the sound of a fan constantly going when the system starts warming up. If you play smaller games (Axiom Verge, The Unfinished Swan, etc) then you may never hear it turn on.

  2. I’d just get a PS4 now. Yes it’s 500GB but you can easily get a 1TB or more hard drive and switch it out. They actually support this and it won’t void warranty or anything. However, yes you can wait for the newer model if you’d like. As for the fan, it’s not loud for me, in fact I find it quieter than PS4 either playing discs or downloaded games.

  3. Alright, so the PS4 is really cool and all, but there are several huge problems with it. The first thing I discovered was that you aren’t allowed to store any kind of media on it at all. No videos, MP3 files, pictures, nothing. You can only hold game data on it as well as apps like Netflix and YouTube. The second thing is that, yeah it’s got 500 gigs of space!! That’s a lot! Except every game you buy is at least 30 gigs but usually closer to 50. The last thing that really made me scratch my head was the fact that it won’t even play a Compact Disk (CD) because the system says “FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED” This isn’t a HUGE deal, but it seems a bit rediculous. In the long run, I would say definitely get a PS4 if you are only buying it for the next gen games, but if you are like me and you want to use your system for other things like music, video, and photo storage, then You should get a PS3 for sure.

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