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Rumors: Fact or Fiction – Xbox 720?


I heard rumors that Microsoft is making a new console called the xbox 720. The rumors were a bit fuzzy and no release date was mentioned. Can anyone clarify this for me?

If it’s true – I hate the idea, we’re not ready for a new system yet. People are still getting adapted to the systems we have now – why throw a new thing in the loop.

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  1. Microsoft is working on a new console, just like Sony is and Nintendo has already announced. I doubt it’ll be the 720 though.

    New consoles used to come out every 4-5 years; the 360 has been out for 6 years now and probably won’t be replaced for another 1 or 2. It’s had a longer life without a replacement than most consoles already. And it’s showing it’s age; a replacement will have the power needed for 1080p and 3D.

  2. i heard that the new microsoft console will come out in 2015. whether or not it’ll be called the Xbox 720 is subject to speculation, but if it’s true that’ll really suck.

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