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question about setting resolution for ps3 slim?


when i go to the menu with the different resolution options, 480 is check marked and in a darker font and i cant uncheck 480 is that normal? it allows me to check and unchek all the other resolutions. thanks
I just want to make sure the video i am seeing is in 1080i resolution, not 480, which is checked. i dont remember if it was i or p).

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  1. Yes that’s normal. You can’t disallow the minimum resolution.

    EDIT: The PS3 will automatically use the best resolution based on your video connection, so there is no need to disable the 480.

    Same for the games, it will automatically choose the native resolution and this is usually 720p, not 1080. If you want to view games in 1080, you will have to disable the 720p, not 480. You need to have the 480 in case the HD resolutions don’t work for whatever reason.

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