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PS3 HDTV 720p Problem!?


So I have AV Multi out components for my ps3. I have it hooked up into a tv switcher that supports all gaming consoles and cable. My tv is

an RCA d52w25 model (I know it’s kinda old but it is HD) and is a HDTV, it says it on the front left corner. For some reason, when I go to display options, av multi out, and check 720p on the ps3, the image goes very small and I can barely read a thing. I decided to see what it looked like in-game, so I launched SCIV and it split into three small screens showing the same thing in black and white. Very fuzzy, too. So I’m really stuck here. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in, I tried numerous combinations of checks such as checking 720p only to checking from 420 to 1080i. Please try to help me fix this as I want the best quality from my ps3. If I can get 1080p that would be great, but i’ll settle for 720p because it is still HD. I’ll choose best answer which gives. Please try to help and thanks.

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  1. I’m not really sure, your problem sounds pretty complicated. I was always under the impression though that if you want your ps3 to come through your TV in HD than you should use an HDMI cable to plug it in.

  2. maybe try tuning ps3 into another channel on tv. check rca lead points are clean and working. i have a 50 inch new tv and it confuses the * outta me. maybe the tv settings are wrong or it just wont cope it to old.? lol good luck.

  3. your tv is only 720p so thats the highest resoloution you will get (never 1080p)

    to even get 720p you will need a hdmi cable

    i think ur problem will be fixed with a simple unplug and plug-in the av cables

  4. I think hooking it up to a tv switcher is the problem. If the switcher doesnt put out HD, then yeah the picture will be messed up. I dont know if they sell those types of switchers with HD functionality, but try just hooking it up the tv without it.

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