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Original xbox!Question?


ok i have a s-vidoe & cable.That i got from gamestop

and i don’t know how to hook it up!

does any body know how to hook it up.

here is a site

[url is not allowed]
the name is really:universal s-av cable legacy!

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  1. I’m not sure. Hmmmm. I thought it was to plug up many game systems. I got an original xbox, but I got something else. Theres a way im sure though. Oh what I have read, it saids its for multiple plug ins. Good luck and hopefully your find out how.

    Scratch all of that! Ha I found it. The colored parts you have got to plug into the tv. Now if you have a tv that dont allow that than your have to buy something else( ask gamestop b/c I dont know what called. You can buy anywheres) The plug the other cords into XBOX

  2. ok you plug the red white and yellow cables into your tv they black one isnt nessicary. and the other one that fits into the back of your xbox

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