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My xbox 360’s fans seems to run to fast i know that it is fast during a game but mine was faster than usual?


my xbox has been runing about 10 hours which normaly is fine but it just this minute has made a very fast climb in fan speed somebody help

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  1. It’s getting too hot so the fans are wrking harder to cool down. If it does 10 hours everyday, let it rest. 10 Hours is going to kill it very quickly

  2. could be the DVD drive?

    turn it of, give it a rest for a coupla hrs that’ll prevent any CPU or GPU damage

  3. yeah give it a break it’s getting hot and it is supposed to increase fan speed in order to prevent it from getting damaged by the heat.

    But on the other hand I bet mine are alot louder LOL but then again I modded mine to run on the 12v setting LOL it’s crazy loud but it’s slot cooler anyways yeah let the thing breathe

  4. maybe you need to give it a break.or the game you are playing needs alot of power to run.and b/c of the power the fans need to cool down the counsel.but just to be safe dont leave it on for so long.10 hrs is a LONG time.

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