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My xbox 360 video playback is pink?


About an hour and a half ago I tried playing a video back on my Xbox it had a pink tint to it I thought the it was my cord so I changed it that didn’t help so I searched the net it said my Xbox was dying but I switched the hdmi cord to my other TV and it works fine I played around with the color levels in the Xbox settings and that seem to work the TV that this is happening on is a 30 inch Philips flat screen CRT TV not an LCD or plasma can someone please help if anyone needs more info let me know I will be happy to give it to them

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  1. It’s quite possible it’s the TV, especially if it’s a CRT and been used a lot. I have a similar flat-screen CRT and the screen has been pinkish for over a month now.

    It’s an old TV with an older technology. It happens.

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