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My friend has psn problems?


my friend has an asian account on psn. He wants to buy a game but he has no money on his psn account so i offered him a 20$ us psn card. WILL HE be able to enter it and psn will convert it to his. for example hong kong dollars?

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  1. you can only use psn cards in the country purchased , u.s. cards must have a u.s. account to redeem them , asian accounts would need a local psn card or credit card showing the same name and address on the account

    they won’t recognise a u.s. card on another countries psn account.

    they couldn’t just convert dollar for dollar anyway , a u.s. dollar is not worth the same as a hong kong dollar , a euro or even a canadian dollar ( canadian dollars exchange at 1.03 u.s. currently for example so with some fees for exchange and the difference in rates $20 u.s. would probably only buy $15 canadian now )

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