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I’ve seen people do this.How do I?


How do you watch your xbox screen? Like record the tv Screen as you play. Like on the dacshboard or zombies(Black ops)?

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  1. Most people use a Dazzle.

    [url is not allowed]

    It is cheaper than some other things, and is a good way to get started. But only make commentaries if you think you are good enough to. There are way to many awful video game players who put thier games on youtube. Give it a try though!

  2. i would just buy a good tv tuner card for your computer.anywhere from 100$ to 200 depending on what you get for a good one. then not only can you hook up game system to pc and do video capture, but you pc will double as a second tv. you can hook cable up to it or any thing else you would normaly put on your tv. use your pc as a dvr to record shows when your not home,

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