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is there a way to transfer PS2 memory off a PS2 memory card to a PS3?


with out buying anything but if there is no way i guess i will buy something for it but i want to know if there is a way to do it without buying anything

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  1. without buying anything. -> there is no way.

    if you can get a hold of an ARMAX. you can use that to transer your saves from a ps2 to a usb stick. then seacrh of a program to decompress the armax gamesave on your usb stcik (there are a few) then transfer the gamesave to your ps3 via usb.

    this method requires a usb stick, a ps2, a laptop and a ps3 also the above mention ps2 dvd (ar max) and the armax decompressing program

  2. Copy old Memory cards to PS3

    After purchasing the USB drive needed, go to Memory Card Utility (under the Game folder). Then you select the memory card you have already put in (PS ONE CARDS DO WORK!) the card should appear as the top icon in the list. Simply click X and your on your way. After copying the card, you will need to assign it a slot. (there are still only two slots.) you can change out the slots for different memory cards to load your game, for example if you have five memory cards you can put a PS2 one you are about to use and a another one you may use later in slots one and two.

    How do I make a PS2 Save Game on the Harddrive?

    Simply go to Memory Card Utility (under the Game folder), then select the icon that says “New Internal Memory Card”. It will ask you whether you want a PS One or a PS2 card. And your on your Way. Just like the Question above^, you will need to assign the card to one of two slots.

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