Home Xbox Forum Is their a way that i can get atleast xbox live trials?

Is their a way that i can get atleast xbox live trials?


Is their a website that gives xbox live trials away for free is so please write it on here. o and please people dont say that i have to go on a website and do a thousand surveys cause ive seen that alot of times on here i want a straight ANSWER no B.S. so please let me know if their is a website
i just wanna no cause i will actually be getting gold soon anyways

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  1. I dont think so but i heard u can call microsoft for 4moths or i dont know if its true and the modded 360 was a christmas gift.

  2. Normally you have to pay. Every once in awhile they have deals on xbox live which you at least sign up for their silver account (which is free) you can wait for a chance. Other wise you can hope that a game you purchase has a trial code. Halo: Reach had a 48 trial code come with it when I purchased it. In fact I have a few codes that I haven’t used. Here is a 48 trial code as long as no one on here is a jerk and takes it.


  3. Because LIVE is through Microsoft itslef I don’t think there is any website that just gives out free trials our mini subscriptions. Even the websites with all the surveys probably don’t give you any kind of LIVE time. The only “trial” I know of is the first month free on new accounts. Your best bet would be to just set up an account with microsoft either using a bank account or going to your local game store and purchasing a card with a subscription number on it. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to here but I didn’t want some false info to be posted and you try something and it not work.

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