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Is the Xbox 360’s power cord box using large amounts of energy (when not in use).?


My old man’s saying stuff like house will burn down or u will break a fuse but why would the clock require the cord to be permenantly left on so the clock can stay on? Better yet is the cord supposed to remain hooked or not?

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  1. yes it does use power i dont know the wattage it consumes but alot of things use power when off like your computer the tv any game conole phones ipods.ect. so like the guy above said use a power strip and plug the xbox and tv into it then turn it off at night as pulling the plug out will eventualy ruin it.

  2. Anything that has a power cord will use not large, but small amounts of energy when plugged in. Note that somethings may have to be kept plugged in. (Such as Cable TV, otherwise you will need to reinstall it, and download the updated scheduled time for certain shows)

  3. Use a power strip and turn that off at night.plugging and unplugging connections will eventually cause damage.

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