Home Xbox Forum is it better to keep your xbox 360 vertical or horizontal?

is it better to keep your xbox 360 vertical or horizontal?


I am just wondering, because i heard a rumor that if you run it horozantal you are more likely to get red ring of death. idk if it even makes a difference

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  1. Well, assuming you don’t have the XBox 360 S (which doesn’t get the infamous red ring), Microsoft made two opions for positioning for a reason: they are both completely safe. Yet, more people tend to go for the horizontal position because of the stability, aka there’s no risk it will topple over and do harm to the system and/or disc inside. But if space is tight and you have your system in a crevice, then there isn’t a big risk for that. Be sure, though if that’s the case, that there’s proper airflow through the ventilation ports. Ventilation is importtant in any sense XD. On the topic of ventilation, if your system is horizontal, be sure theres nothing covering the ventilation ports also.

  2. Horizontal, if it is vertical it can tip over.

    Also, the xbox may scratch the discs lightly because its reader can wobble.

  3. Keep it horizontal. If you have the console vertical you run more risk of damaging your disc & get disc errors & other similar problems. Keeping it vertical doesnt reduce the chances of getting the red ring of death. Keeping the console free of dust,dirt etc & placed in a well ventilated area will reduce the chances the red ring of death from happening.

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