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Is buying a XBOX ONE on ebay safe?


I am trying to buy a xbox one for my kid and i stumbled on this one on ebay, its the fist one the pops up and its from a top rated seller. Here is the link

[url is not allowed]

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  1. nothing is 100% safe but if the person has a made a lot of transactions and has very good seller rating, and you’re using paypal it should be ok. Though like GLX said you need to be aware that it is a REFURBISHED unit, so that comes with it’s own set of risks that has nothing to do with ebay.

    Personally when it comes to something that costs $400, I would honestly just buy NEW and also buy retail.at least that way you’re not as nervous that something will go wrong AND you have some course of action if anything does go wrong.whereas if this thing craps out in three months or so you’re pretty much SOL!

  2. It’s alright, the person has already sold around 3000 units of the same. But it’s a Refurbished unit which means you’ll only get 3-month warranty instead of 12-month warranty which comes with new units.

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