Home Playstation Forum I have a question about a problem with COD4 on PS3.?

I have a question about a problem with COD4 on PS3.?


When i go online its fine but when i click on find game it keeps telling me ‘downloading game settings’ and just stays on that. it goes that far every time. yesterday it was doing the same thing and it looked scratched so i repaired it with my disk cleaning/repair kit. and it worked them i played it again ths morning and im trying again now and its not working. can anyone help me and has this happen to anyone else.? please and thank u

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  1. Downloading Game settings Solution.

    go online on cod4, don’t accept invites, don’t search games. Go to clan tag (in barracks) and change it. I put hhh then go off your game to ps3 XMB menu and delete the 11MB patch in game data utility. turn off, then on your ps3, go on cod4 (circle) refuse to download patch (don’t refuse as soon as it pops up with, “download patch” give it a few seconds, screen may change resolution. go online. This should have fixed your cod4 patch glitch.

    every time u go on cod4, refuse to download the patch. n everything should be ok, as its already installed.

    edit: you can play online games, but cant accept or send party invites. Hope I could HELP! 🙂

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