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i have a problem with my xbox 360, i have one red ring?


when i power up my 360 it error message is E74, is there a way i can fix this on my own or a place in the UK because it would cost me 90-110 to fix it through microsoft

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  1. Sounds like its a problem with the hardware, sometime this can be the cables not being plugged in properly. I suggest unplugging everything then plugging it back in.

    More info here; [url is not allowed]

  2. E74 Error= there is either an issue with the video cable (unlikely) or a solder joint between the GPU and the motherboard has come loose (likely).

    There are plenty of temporary fixes on youtube, some will last over 3 months. For a permanent fix you need to take it to your local electronics repair shop and get them to perform a “SOLDER REFLOW” on the GPU and if they can, also perform a “REBALL” on the GPU. Depending on where you live you should be looking around the $20 mark.

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