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I have a british ps3 in australia – how do i connect to the psn?



  1. You would connect and set up your PS3 to the internet either by ethernet cable or wireless.

    Then you will have to set up a PSN profile. Since you are in Australia now, you will have to make an Australian PSN network profile (ie country = Australia), so that you can access Australian content and be able to enter PSN store voucher codes bought in Australia. If you had an existing PSN account when you were in Britain, you can restore that account on the PS3 as well, but PSN vouchers bought in Australia will not be able to be credited to the account made in Britain.

    As far as PS3 games goes, they are not region coded, so a UK PS3 will play games purchased in Australia, Hong Kong, USA , anywhere.

    Blu-Ray movies on the PS3 are region coded and will only play for their specific region – check out the wiki page –> [url is not allowed].

    According to that site the UK and Australian are in the same region – [B], so you should be in luck.

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