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Hulu or Netflix of my PS3?


I cant decide which is better, they both seem the same to me.

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  1. Netflix has a larger selection of movies and tv shows but the interface needs some serious work! You can only search by movie or tv show title so if you know the name of an actor but can’t recall a movie they played in, you can’t search by actors name which means you could spend a lot time searching in vain!

    I also have VuDu but it charges per movie instead of a monthly fee like netflix! The upside is that the interface is far better netflix as you can search by title, director or actor which makes finding a movie 100% better than on netflix!

    I never liked hulu!

  2. i think you can go with Red Dead Redemption. i am sure you like Red Dead Redemption.i am dam sure you satisfy with Red Dead Redemption.

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