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How to convince my parents to buy me a ps3?


Hello guys so the thing is i really want to buy a ps3 and my dad says you can sell your old things and buy it. But im desperate to buy it and i dont have any money for it. So how can i persuade my dad to buy it for me. I have tried telling him ill pay him back later or washing his car and stuff like that. But it doesnt work. Also tried telling him the benefits but doesnt work. Plssssssss help

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  1. treat them really nice and print out pictures of a ps3 and put them all over your house(even the bathroom) soon they will get tired of it and you should have s ps3 by chirstmas. it worked for me:)

  2. its because your dad is doing something called parenting, one of the things that it involves is not buying his b*tch 8 year old everything that they ask for.

  3. Damn dude we have the same problem.

    I have one more try to get it and it will probably be Friday December 21

    Tell them you will get straight A’s And B’s in school

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