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How much would an used Xbox360 cost?


I want an XBox, but have around 150 dollars to work with [christmas money] and could PROBABLY pull off around 200-250 by the end of january [birthday money+christmas money added together].

Would that be enough to buy an used Xbox 360?

and would i need to buy controllers and games and stuff?

LOLXD. Just the general pricing area would be great, like at Gamestop, or places like that.

i’m trying to avoid places like Ebay, cause you dont know what you’d get.


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  1. It all depends on the type. First of all are you looking for the arcade(white one), the elite(black bigger one) or the slim(black skinny one) the arcade you could get for 90 to 120 dollars, the elite would be about 120 to 150 dollars and the slim would be about 170 dollars they all come with one controller and some deals you might get one or two games but that will cost extra

  2. Well, it kind of depends on what kind of Xbox 360 you want. If you get $200-$250, you don’t have to worry about getting a used Xbox 360. I think you can just go for the new Xbox 360 slim. And also, are you buying a console with/without the Kinect sensor? A one with a hard drive of 250 GB, or 4GB? The Xbox 360 w/the sensor costs about $299 (new/4GB). A console without the Kinect would cost about $200 (4GB/new). So you could get a new console instead of an old one. Gamestop: from $130 (used). For the accessories part, you normally do not need any accessories to play on your Xbox 360. You should probably get some games for it based on your interest. I think a new Xbox 360 includes a controller for you to play. It supports up to four controllers, so if more than one person is playing a regular game, you need an extra controller. I think any other accessories are optional.

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