Home Xbox Forum How much could I sell a case modded xbox for?

How much could I sell a case modded xbox for?


I’m putting plexiglass windows in the side, cutting the dvd case so you can see it spin, custom air brush painting wings on it and spraying gloss ironlak paint on it. I’m also installing leds in the window and selling it with a matching wireless controller and i’m painting the ac power supply and changing the leds in it. How much is that worth?

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  1. only about 20$ more than you paid for it unless you like made stronger,added a modem so you dont need to buy a modem for online play,put gold paint on it lets just say stuff that would make it better

  2. Depends on the type of Xbox. Is it the newer slim ones? Or the older white/black ones. If so I wouldn’t put THAT much more on to the price. Maybe like $50 more then what you payed for it at the most. Just try around with the price and see what people are offering you.

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