Home Xbox Forum How many people will agree with me?

How many people will agree with me?


Playstation 3 is better than Xbox 360.

Does the Xbox have.

Bluetooth? No.

Blue ray? No.

Internet explorer? No.

Free membership? No.

Better graphics? No.

Much more freebies? No.

AA batteries for the controller? Yes.

Membership fee? Yes.

A lower reliability? Yes.

I could go on for ever but my fingers are getting sore, but i will admit XBL is slighly better than PSN, but.thats about it.

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  1. I will not agree with you.

    Bluetooth, They hurt my years and I like my headset.

    Blue ray for what? Disney Movies?

    Dude 360 has IE.Windows Media Center

    I have free membership: xli* *ai

    You seriously need to look the graphics up.

    much more freebies, wth, 360 gets dlc first.

    aa batteries i charge.

    i dont pay fee

    ive had mine for 3 years and works perfect.

    your the biggest nerd ever, paying $600 for a system.

  2. Ah, troll much? Live is slightly better than the PSN? lol, seriously? Go troll somewhere else.

    lol seriously kid? I’ve been playing games longer than you’ve been alive and I’m positive I can beat you. We all have a choice as to which console we prefer, but it’s scum like you that go around trolling because you have nothing better to do with your life. I don’t have a Wii or a DS and never will. I play real games like Call of Duty and have never touched Cooking Mama. Stereotypes are pathetic and people who are backed into a corner are the only ones that resort to such things. Get a life and have fun being banned.

  3. I love PS3 and 360. But they both excel in different areas, and they both have their flaws.

    To a point, I will agree that PS3 is a bit superior with the blu ray, and I’ve seen games on it that looked nicer than some of the best on 360.

    Also to the people who commented on PS3s weak library, please do yourself a favor and buy a PS3. It has some amazing exclusives and are getting more.

    360 is my console of choice, but I still own a ps3 and love it. Both amazing, lets just appreciate.

    And no need to diss female gamers, my friend. There may be a bunch that’re annoying (I’m not suggesting Milk84) but it doesn’t mean all of us suck. No, that is not an innuendo of any kind.heh heh

    Edit: After reading some of the comments. Bringing up the price of the ps3 as an argument against it. Can anyone sum up just how much they spent on a 360 within the first year of release.and all it’s extra items that never came with it? It wasn’t cheap itself. Yes the PS3 is probably still a bit more, but tell me. How much is a Blu ray player? or even just a blu ray drive. $200+

    Also, RE5 is on Xbox360 all on one disc and runs quite well. Defending 360 to the last breathe is just as bad as the guy posting trashing it. Don’t take these things personally.

  4. “Resident Evil 5. Why isn’t it out on Xbox? Because they can’t fit all the information on one disc, how pathetic is that?”


    No, really. what!?

  5. I’m an Xbox360 owner, and I don’t agree with you. Why?

    The Xbox 360 has better selection of games? Argueable, but i’d say yes.

    Can PS3 be modded and run backup copies? No. You have to pay ~80$ for each game.

    Membership fee? Yes, but only to play online. The online possibilities are much wider.

    Why do u need bluetooth again? for the controllers. The controllers are wireless anyway, so why does it matter? it doesn’t.

    Bluray is an advantage, but is not yet wide-spreaded. I connect my console to the computer if I wanna see HD movies.

    And FYI, it’s much easier for developers to make games for the xbox360 than the PS3, that’s why it has more games.

    The PS3 IS a great console, but it’s not better than the xbox 360.

    You can argue about it for another 10 years, but there’s no saying which one is better. They are both great.

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